About Georgi I. David




Personal & Professional Development; Human Resources (Talent Management), Confidence Coach / Mentor, Speaker & Writer. Georgi’s work involves supporting career progression by adapting varied media forms and digital learning tools. She is emphatic on the importance of creating positive impressions personally or professionally by harnessing the power of a positive image.

Georgi is a person of Faith and Principles, passionate about empowering people to thrive in life and career by discovering their innate potential; build resilience, identify core talents (skillsets) and forge a suitable career path. She has over 20 years experience specializing in people development, and she co-founded Empower4Success (E4S) – A community focused organisation, aimed at supporting people to get into employment and thrive at work, by cultivating the right attitude & skills for the workplace. E4S also offers mentoring support to develop that confident mind-set and emotional resilience required to take on the challenges of life and work.

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Empower4Success programmes reach hundreds of unemployed and young people every year with this holistic transformational programme and records up to 95 percent success rate getting participants back on track (In work, internship or educational training). E4S works in partnership with other charitable and government institutions including the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). We continue to receive very positive feedback reports from our participants. See E4S Feedback.

E4S programmes also assist organisations and community institutions with business training support for best working practices, improves workplace cohesion and retains personnel. This includes, understanding diversity and inclusion; Developing an awareness of other cultures can help dispel negative bias, alleviate communication barriers and nurture organisational success.

Georgi is an accredited member of several professional bodies including the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) – She is an approved Employability skills Coach & Mentor working as an Associate to the CIPD.


Georgi David

Georgi David’s Professional Training and Qualifications include Input from the following institutions and Professional bodies:

    • Harvard University – Graduate School of Education, United States
    • The University of Law – Post-graduate School, London.
    • University of London.
    • University of Buckingham
    • University of Calabar.
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD).
  •                                                              Post- graduate School of Pastoral Ministry
  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
  • Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs (IoEE).
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • The Coaching Academy. 

See Georgi’s work in photos